Enagic® Kangenwater® Change drinking water and improve heal

Enagic® Kangenwater® Change drinking water and improve health. From now on!

Water is one of the seven essential nutrients for human health. Enagic® Kangenwater®.Any nutrient that people eat depends on water for decomposition and transportation. Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty ranked water as the first hundred articles in the Compendium of Materia Medica. "The tonic of medicine is not as good as the tonic of food, but the tonic of food is not as good as the tonic of water". Ensuring adequate intake of healthy water can fundamentally enhance the immune function of human body and help patients recover soon.

Enagic® Kangenwater® reducing water machine is a method of electrolysis, which divides ordinary safe drinking water into two parts. Among them, drinking water has the characteristics of weak alkalinity, small molecular groups and hydrogen (also known as active hydrogen, which has the ability to reduce oxidation), so it is called reducing water.
Enagic® Company of Japan launched two types of domestic reducing water machines in 2005 and 2014: SD501 and Kangen 8.

Enagic® Kangenwater®

Enagic® Kangenwater® is a 40-year-old Japanese company. The whole electrolytic water machine includes design, spare parts production, assembly and testing. It is completely manufactured in Japan. Its branches are located in Asia, Europe and North America.

SD501 and Kangen 8 products, with a five-year warranty, service life of 15-20 years of high-quality commitment. At present, it is widely used in Japan, North America and other regions. The White House's drinking water system also uses this device.

Enagic® Kangenwater® Reduction Water Machine is certified as medical grade equipment by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (the Japanese government's medical and health institutions) in Japan. It was concluded that reduced water had significant effect on the following symptoms:

1. Abnormal intestinal fermentation; 2. Chronic dysentery; 3. Dyspepsia; 4. Excessive gastric acid; 5. Diabetes mellitus; 6. Heterotopic dermatitis.

Japan Adult Disease Prevention Association is a non-profit organization composed of more than 6,600 professional doctors. Its purpose is to search for the best products in the market and promote them to the people so as to make them healthy and reduce medical expenses. Each industry only promotes one product, and among the 11 water turbines certified by Japan's Ministry of Health, Health and Labor, they only recommend Enagic® Kangenwater®'s products!

Enagic® Kangenwater® is the only product in the world that has won ISO13485 international certification and WQA Water Quality Gold Medal Award. AACI specifically recommends this water reducer and publicly states that it has not benefited Enagic® Kangenwater® from this promotion!



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